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Hi there! Peter is my name and this is my second serious attempt to have a functional personal web site that contains relevant information about me and my life. Here you will find my Curriculum Vitae, picture galleries, assorted resources, blogs, resumés etc. If you know me you might find some of the information on this site interesting. If you don't know me...well...then don't expect to find too much interesting information on this site. However, make sure you check out the Dilbert strip below before you leave.

Are you are a friend, family member or related in some other way and want to access restricted areas? Then click here to register a user account and I will grant you access rights.

By the way - if you find your self on some photos and don't want these photos to be public available. Tell me about it and I will move them to a restricted area immediately!

You can contact me at

Best regards,
Peter (a happy member of the Pete Collective - an unnecessary gathering of people called Peter!)

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Site News
Tue 2 of Feb, 2006 Academic Resumé section updated.
Tue 2 of Feb, 2006 Changed Calvin and Hobbes to Dilbert.
Thu 10 of Nov, 2005 Blog and Image gallery comments allowed.
Mon 31 of Oct, 2005 User registration added.
Sun 30 of Oct, 2005 Created a Google Maps plugin. Works great!
Wed 26 of Oct, 2005 Friends&Family image gallery feature finished.
Sun 23 of Oct, 2005 .zip archive uploads allowed.
Sun 23 of Oct, 2005 Added nice sort feature using scriptaculous (external link).
Tue 18 of Oct, 2005 Changed gd to ImageMagick (external link).
Tue 18 of Oct, 2005 Calvin and Hobbes added.
Sun 9 of Oct, 2005 Added new java script multi-file upload options.
Sun 8 of Oct, 2005 Added new java applet multi-file upload options.
Wed 14 of Sep, 2005 Added image and file galleries.
Wed 14 of Sep, 2005 Basic cutomization.
Wed 13 of Sep, 2005 Site is up and running.

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