Lund University

Lund University (external link) was founded in 1666. With eight faculties and a multitude of research centres and specialized institutes, it is today the largest unit for research and higher education in Sweden and Scandinavia. Approximately 42,500 students study within any of the 85 educational programmes, the eighteen international masters programmes or the 1,000 courses.

Higher education in Sweden is provided in the form of courses. These may be linked to constitute degree programmes with varying levels of individual choice. Students are also able to more freely combine courses into a degree.

Sweden has a system of credits (poäng), where one week of successful full-time study equals 1 credit. One academic year usually yields 40 credits. One Swedish credit equals 1.5 ECTS (European) credits.

The most common form of examination is written tests, however, oral tests, papers, presentations etc performed individually or in a group are also common forms of examination.

I have passed the following courses and been awarded the following degree at Lunds University (external link), Sweden, in accordance with the Higher Education Act (SFS 1993:100).

Degree Awarded: Master of Science - Major in Computer Science

Courses taken at Lund University (external link), Sweden, as part of my masters degree.
Code Field Course Credits Date
DAT301 Computer Science General Course (1-20) 20 1999-01-15
DAT302 Computer Science General Course (21-40) 20 1999-06-04
DAT122 Computer Science Computational Geometry 5 1999-10-28
DAT009 Computer Science Real Time Programming 5 1999-12-22
DAT106 Computer Science Data Bases 5 2000-01-11
DAT112 Computer Science Operating Systems 5 2000-01-18
DAT117 Computer Science Machine Learning 5 2002-05-13
DAT299 Computer Science Degree Project - Master Thesis 20 2002-10-23
MAT111 Mathematics Mathematics 1A 10 1998-03-20
MAT112 Mathematics Mathematics 1B 10 1998-05-28
MAT241 Mathematics Mathematics 2, Linear Algebra 5 2001-11-10
MAT231 Mathematics Mathematics 2, Analysis in Several Variables 10 2002-01-11
MAT231 Numerical Analysis Numerical Analysis for Computer Scientists 5 2001-08-21
FYS001 Physics Microcomputer Technology 5 2002-12-17
Additional courses taken at University of Otago 40
Total: 170

Additional courses taken at Lund University (external link), Sweden.
Code Field Course Credits Date
STA301 Statistics Basic Course (1-20) 20 1998-01-18
FEK502 Business Administration General Course (1-20) 20 2001-08-30

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