University of Otago

As New Zealand's first university, founded in 1869, University of Otago (external link) has earned an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching. In 2006 Otago will have over 20,000 students enrolled and has a teaching facility in each of the four main cities of New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The academic and administrative centre of the University continues to be located in Dunedin, where the majority of students live and work.

A full-time first year course is generally between 18 - 24 points in any one semester or 36 - 48 points in any one year.

I have passed the following courses and been awarded the following degree at Lunds University (external link), Sweden, in accordance with the Higher Education Act (SFS 1993:100).

Degree Awarded: Master of Science - Major in Computer Science

Courses taken at University of Otago (external link), New Zealand, as part of my masters degree.
Code Field Course Credits Date
COSC342 Computer Science Computer Graphics 6,7 Spring 2000
COSC343 Computer Science Artificial Intelligence 6,7 Spring 2000
COSC244 Computer Science Data-communications, Networks 6,7 Spring 2000
COSC347 Computer Science Comparative Programming Languages 6,7 Autumn 2000
MATH241 Mathematics Applied Algebra 6,7 Autumn 2000
MATH272 Mathematics Discrete Mathmatics 6,7 Autumn 2000
Additional courses taken at Lund University 130
Total: 170

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