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Cañon del Colca, Puno and Lake Titicaca

By peter on Mon 19 of Dec., 2005 23:12 UTC
The last days have been really great!

Last Thursday I went on a 2-days trip to Cañon del Colca, the second deepest canyon in the world. Apperently the worlds deepest canyon is located just a mile from Cañon del Colca but it requires a long hike to reach that spot. I ended up sharing a mini-bus with a dutch couple, 2 japanese girls and an Peruan family.

On the way out we had some coca leaves and stoped for some classic coca-tee which helps to avoid altitude sickness.

The alpaca seemed to like the coca leaves as well. I guess it got addictive after all tourists feeding it with coca leaves all day long.

In the afternon we reached the Chantel village and had a lunch. A few hours later we went to some thermal hotsprings for a relaxing bath. In the evening we all had a peruan dinner anjoyed the alpaca meat with some beers and piso sour.

Early next morning (6.30 am) we headed for the canyon to spot some condors. Off course we had some stops on the way and enjoyed the great scenery with all terasses on the mountain built by the Incas.

A few hours later we reached a quite impressive canyon and after half an hour we saw the first (and last) condor. I know, the picture below on the condor could be ANY bird so I guess you need to trust me - it's a condor.

After a long ride back to Arequipa me and the dutch couple ended up taking the 6h night bus to Puno. Wow, that bus really sucked in comparison to the buses in Chile. We arrived late that night and woke up a few hours later by 15 peruan men drinking, fighting and crying. Since these people should stay another night we changed hostel.

This Saturday we had a look around in Puno and its surondings. By the way - Puno is a small city/village next to Lake Titicaca.

After we had a look at the market, plaza etc we ended up at the port booking a 2-day trip to the floating islands, Alamanti and Taquille island.

In the afternoon we went outside Puno to try to find a place were we could see how they make their boats from sea-grass.

Yesterday morning I went down to the port to catch the 7.30am boat on Lake Titicaca. However, since the engine (car engine) refused to start we could'nt leave the port before 9am.

First we went to the floating islands and the Orus people. This people are actually living on islands built by sea grass!

After that we went to Amantani (real island) were we spent the night at a nice local family. However, I think they need some help with their wiring. Is the color coding on the wires correct?! smile

Amantani is a really cool island we very nice people living there.

Today, before heading back to Puno, we went to Taquille (another island) and I spent a few hours climbing the mountain on the island.

To night I will go for a coffe with the dutch couple and a swiss couple I met on the iticaca trip. Tomorrow morning I will fly to Lima to meet Emma.biggrin

I have uploaded another 130 pictures so the gallery is once again up-to-date. The image gallery now contains 349 pictures. Some of them a really great so check them out!

I have also updated the Rocoto Relleno is hot! and That was a loooong ride! posts below with some thumbnails.

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