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Feliz Navidad!

By peter on Sat 24 of Dec., 2005 01:05 UTC
Yeah, Emma has finally arrived in Peru!

This Tuesday night I went out to the airport to pick up Emma. After a loooong wait, I thought she missed the flight, she finally passed the customs. She had no problem spotting me since I'm nearly double the hight of all Peruian people. wink

After a long sleep we woke up rested in the Miraflores suburb in Lima. We spent Wednesday day in Lima before taking the night bus north to Huaraz.

Huaraz is next to the Cordillera Blanca mountain massive and is a great base for a lot of activities in the mountains. We arrived early Thursday morning and a few hours later we went away on a day tour to a nearby mountain lake.

Today we went to see a glacieer located on 5200m. It sure was a struggle to climb the path from the parking lot to the glacier. The air is so thin at that hight and it is very easy to start to feel sick. We took it easy so except for some headache we did'nt suffer to much.

Tomorrow we will leave for Chiclayo that is located next to the ocean and relax there until Sunday night when we will fly to the amazonas for a 4-day djungle tour.

In amazonas we will hunt(with camera) monkeys, spiders, snakes etc - and the mosquitoes will for sure hunt us with their blood-sucking-malaria-infected-snable! I think we will be alright!

Merry Christmas! santa

By the way, there are 34 new photos in the gallery.

/Peter & Emma

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