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Santa claus got lost!

By peter on Sun 25 of Dec., 2005 23:51 UTC
Have you seen santa claus? Me and Emma have spent the last 24h looking for him for but the only thing we found where three asparagusies with funny santa hats and a laid-back "jesus in the crib" with a straw hat and all.

Since we can't find santa in this part of Peru we will try our luck somewhere else. We thought he might be somewhere in the rain forest and we will therefore fly there tonight. Maybe his rain deers got stuck in the tree lines when passing over the border from Brazil? Excepet for spotting some rain deers we hoping to experience some true djungel adventures.

We will spend 4-days in the rain forrest and have limited internet access until the 30/12.

Until then...

/Peter & Emma

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