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Monkeys, birds, spiders and nightly screams!

By peter on Thu 29 of Dec., 2005 23:00 UTC
We are back in civilization again after spending some excellent days in the rainforest close to Puerto Maldonado. Luckly we did'nt go to the rain forest in north of Peru! Why? Read this! (external link)

A quick summery of our days in the amazon.

Last Sunday night we took a flight from Chiclayo to Lima to catch a connecting flight to Puerto Maldonando on Monday morning. We organized our flight ticket and djungle tour with our friend Axel (Axel tours (external link)) that have helped us a lot during our stay here in Peru.

Monday morning we went to the Lima airport and by coincidence we met our djungel guide Daniel on the same flight. We were lucky - our group just consisted of me, Emma and Daniel! When we arrived in Puerto Maldonando we quickly realised that we had entered another world - a world of humidity and extremely hot weather. After a quick motorcyckle taxi ride (no cars here!) we took the 3h river boat upstreams to the lodge situated in the centre of the Tambopata national reserve. A really peacefull place with lodges, common house and hammoc area looking out over the river.

First evening we had a 1h night-walk and listened to all the djungle sounds. That was the time we realised what a terrific guide we had found. Daniel is born in the djungle close to Inquitos and has an extraordinary knowledge, ears and eyes that can spot any animal in the dense rainforest. Even me with my knowledge in orienteering would not like to walk around by my self.wink

After VERY careful expection of the room with flashlight, no electricity here, we went to bed listening to all the djungle sounds. Amazing! A few hours later I was asleep and dreamt about all the piraha fish I would catch the next day when I suddenly woke up by Emmas terrified scream! eek At first I thought we had a spider, snake or something worse in our lodge but it was only the the sounds of the amazone bambu rat that scared Emma.

The next morning (6am) we went out on our first real djungle trekk to a nearby lake, watching monkeys, birds, butterflys, snails, spiders, vegetarion and a bunch other things.

We arrived 3 hours later at the lake and took a beautiful canoe ride spotting parrots, giant otters(nice!) etc.

Then it was time for some pirahna fishing. I tell you, this was an experience. Using cow meat as beat and splashing the water to simulate an animal moving, a bit different from fishing in femlingen (lake in sweden). The pirahna were hard to catch and the first 30min we basically feed them with meat before Emma cought the first (and biggest) pirahna. Yiaks, we promise you that the teeth on this fish are sharp. No swimming in this lake, at least not for gringos. Luckly I got a pirahna as well a few minutes latera and I still think that my fish was twice the size of Emmas although we have photos that tells a different story.

After hiking back to the lodge, enjoying our fried pirahnas and taking a nap in the hammocs we took a boat ride on the Tambopata river to spot some capybaras (external link) the largest rodents in the world. Once again we were lucky and saw a couple on the river bank before returning home to the lodge.

That night we had the same procedure as the night before - two scared gringos with a flashlight looking for snake and spiders under the bed.

The next morning we took a 1h trekk to another lake hoping to find some anacondas and howling monkeys.

Unfortunately this day was very hot and all the monkeys were probably sleeping somewhere in the shadow. Our guide Daniel pointed out some fresh anaconda traces but we think the Anaconda is still back in hollywood enjoying the jetset life after playing in the latest movie. Although we did'nt see the monkys and the snake this day we had a really nice morning paddling the canoe wathing and listening to birds and insects.

In the afternoon we went to a nearby family watching the daily life and their huge plantation which included bananas, mangos, avocado, starfruits, lime, papaya, hot chile, guana, cinnamon etc. I guess you understand what we want to say - they had everyhing you can grow in this environment!

Back at the lodge, Freddy (one guy in the staff) took us on tarantella hunting. We found a small tarantella(according to Freddy) but for us this as everything else than small.

In the evening the big rain started which prevented us for going for hunting caymans(freshater crocodile) in the river.

Naturally we search our room in a gringo manner, as the previous nights, before we went to bed.

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