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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

By peter on Sat 07 of Jan., 2006 04:28 UTC
Tuesday morning we went to hike the 4-day inca trail through the Andes. Since it's not allowed to trek the Inca Trail without a guide we needed to organise this trek with a tour company. We got picked up by our tour guide early in the morning and went by bus to the start point not far from Ollantaytambo, located in the Sacred Valley, 2 hours from Cusco.

We were lucky (as always) and ended up in a great international group (Sweden(!), Canada, US, Argentina, Urugauy and Peru). Along the group we had two guides and 10 porters carying tents, food, cooking gear etc.

The first day was quite easy with just a 4-hours walk on the andes flat which basically means walking up and down without passing any greater ridges.

When we arrived at the camp our porters had already organised our tents and started to prepare the dinner (luxury).

The second day was really tough, starting of with a 4-hours climb to the Dead womans pass located on 4200m and finished with a couple of hours tiresome downhill. This day we had great variety in the weather but in general it was just great for trekking.

The third day walk was really nice with a huge variety in the nature and many inca ruins to enjoy along the way. However it was raining a lot and the clouds sometimes hided the scenic views. It was a long day of walking and we arrived tired and hungry at the camp at 5pm. A few hours later we had finished the dinner and went early to bed for some hours sleep.

This morning we woke up at 4am(!) and had a quick breakfast before we left for Machu Picchu. The first stop was the sun-gate-lookout over Machu Picchu were we arrived after a couple of hours. We were unbelievable lucky and had the best weather this morning with great views over Machu Picchu. After enjoying the lookout we went down to to explore the ruins.

After we finished Machu Picchu we walked down to the nearby village Aguas Carliente to enjoy some proper food, i.e. pizza and beer, and wait for the train back to Cusco were we arrived tonight.

Tomorow morning we will take a flight to Lima and from there take a 3-hours bus ride south to Pisco were we will take a boat ride to see the wild life on some nearby islands. On Sunday evening we will try to take a bus to Lima and on Monday night we will fly back home to Sweden with a one day stop over in Miami.

I have uploaded 82 new photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

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