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Sea birds and sea lions in Pisco

By peter on Mon 09 of Jan., 2006 20:31 UTC
Hi there,

last Saturday morning we went to the airport in Cusco to take our early flight to Lima only to discover that Tans (airline company) had cancel all services that day. After a few stressful minutes everything got sorted out and we could take-off with Lan Peru to Lima airport. In Lima we found the perfect bus to Pisco and after buying a coke and a water through the window at a traffic stop and after listening to some strange seller speaking, in spanish off course, about some miracle medicine we arrived in a hot cool Pisco 4 hours later. We found a nice hostel with pool and relaxed that afternoon.

Yesterday morning we went with a tour boat company to some nearby islands, even called the poor mans Galapagos, to watch the wild life... and what a wild life we saw. I think both me and Emma agreed on that we broke the record on spotting sea birs, penguins, crabs, sea lions and bird shit! The smell around this islands was almost as bad as the it was funny to see all this crazy and noise animals enjoying them selfs on this islands. Luckly we stayed in the boat and did'nt walk around on these island. Have you seen the Hitchcock movie?

In the afternoon we went to a nearby beach and in the evening we took the bus to Lima.

This morning we had a busy time to get our stuff and all the new stuff we bought into our backpacks but we could finally close the zippers.

The last hours here in Peru we will spend just relaxing before we take the flight to Miami late this night.

Now it's time for the last ice cream here in Peru!

It's time to go home! confused cry biggrin Yeah, it's mixed feelings!

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